What is Electrostatic Sprayer? The principle and advantage compared to ordinary sprayer.

With the arrival of winter, in order to prevent another outbreak of the COVID-19, more and more countries have entered the disinfection stage. If you have heard any experts discuss the disinfection of public or social spaces (such as the mall, restaurants or hospitals), you may have heard them mention electrostatic spraying. But how does the it works?

The working principle

Electrostatic spraying is a fast and effective surface disinfection method that can reduce the spread of viruses.  It is a cleaning method of applying detergent, paint, disinfectant or other liquids, which involves applying an electric charge to the liquid to completely cover the surface. They are based on the principle of attraction of opposite charges. If you place the “positive” end of the magnet on the “negative” end of another magnet, they will attract and stick. However, if the positive poles of two magnets are put together, they will repel each other. An electrostatic sprayer is a device that charges the disinfectant and makes the solution positively charged. The electrostatic sprayer uses this principle to ensure rapid and even coverage of the disinfectant.

So electrostatic spraying is a much more effective disinfection method with some advantages.

Compared to conventional sprayers and other coating methods, electrostatic spraying has several advantages. First, the applied electrostatic charge can provide a more uniform and complete coating. If the room or area of ​​the building is full of dirt and germs, electrostatic spray cleaning is the best cleaning choice.

Main Benefits

1. Apply chemicals in a more controlled and effective way while removing bacteria and reducing the spread of viruses.

2. Prevent high financial costs caused by infectious medical infections.

3. Compared with traditional disinfection methods, the time required to disinfect all surfaces is reduced by 50%.

4. Disperse very fine particles to completely cover and disinfect the surface.

After multiple updates and iterations, our electrostatic sprayers will be your best choice, not only for industrial use, but also for daily disinfection.  The best quality and completive price will fit for most of foreign customers. OEM and ODM order are always welcome.

Post time: Dec-09-2020

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