What is an electrostatic sprayer?

An electrostatic sprayer is a device that charges the chemical liquid and gives it a positive charge. Electrostatic sprayer uses high voltage static electricity to form a high voltage electrostatic field between the nozzle and the object. When the liquid through the nozzle generated high voltage static electricity, from the nozzle after the spray into static charge droplets. Under the action of the electrostatic field, the mist drops move in a directional way and spray evenly, and the surface of the object can absorb the mist drops uniformly.


Electrostatic sprayer is applicable to a wide range, such as environmental hygiene, epidemic prevention, disinfection, sterilization, insecticide, formaldehyde removal, dust removal, humidification, and cooling, etc. Compared with the prior art sprayer, due to the liquid pump after pressurization of the injection pressure is large, the liquid flow becomes large, degree of atomization is high, the droplet before the force is large, penetration is strong, spray distance, electrostatic adsorption effect is good, it has better disinfection and insecticidal effect.

If the electrostatic sprayer is sprayed on the upper part of the crop, the positive and negative leaves and hidden parts can receive the chemical liquid. It has good insecticidal effect, saving 50-70% of pesticide, high application efficiency of 3-19 mu per hour, and saving water, labor, energy-saving and environmental protection. Widely applicable to the prevention and control of fruit trees and cash crops and other diseases and pests, and plant growth hormone, chemical liquid fertilizer spraying, poultry, livestock and other farms. If the electrostatic sprayer is added with disinfectant, it can be widely used in indoor and outdoor public places for epidemic prevention and disinfection.

Using electrostatic technology to attach static electricity to each droplet that comes out of the sprayer gives a 360-degree grip on surfaces, even hidden, hard-to-reach surfaces, which is far more effective than traditional spraying methods.


Compared to traditional sprayers and other coating methods, electrostatic spraying has several advantages:

First, the electrostatic charge applied can provide a more uniform and complete coating. If a building room or area is full of dirt and bacteria, electrostatic spray cleaning is the best cleaning option.

1. Use chemicals in a more efficient way while removing bacteria and reducing the spread of viruses.
2. Prevention of high financial costs due to infectious medical infections.
3. The time required to disinfect all surfaces is reduced by 50% compared to traditional methods.
4. Disperse very fine particles to completely cover and disinfect surfaces.


Post time: Mar-18-2021

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