The health air disinfection disinfector we can buy will escort us with all our strength

People can live a week without food, 3-4 days without water, but only a few minutes without breathing. It can be seen that there is a close relationship between people and air. Clean air can bring people healthy body. However, with the development of social and economic industrialization, the pollution of human living environment is becoming more and more serious, and from outdoor to indoor, the incidence rate of urban diseases and modern civilization diseases is increasing. The popularity of air disinfection machine storm hit, let people see the turning point. However, as a new product, consumers don’t have a deep understanding of air disinfector, and they are even confused in the aspect of product quality

Air disinfection disinfector, nothing more than want to use it in exchange for healthy and fresh air. Whether an air disinfector is safe or not is the basic prerequisite to decide whether it is desirable or not. The shell, movement and purification technology of air disinfector will directly affect the safety of air disinfector.

Angel air disinfection disinfector plasma technology for environmental pollution control is a new science integrating high energy physics, discharge physics, discharge chemistry, reaction engineering and high voltage pulse technology. Under the action of the external electric field, the plasma generator makes corona discharge and produces a large number of energy carrying electrons to bombard the pollutant molecules and gas molecules in the air. The plasma is formed by ionization, dissociation and excitation. The plasma is mainly composed of electrons, cations, base atoms, excited atoms and active groups (including monoatomic oxygen, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, etc.).

These components have strong physical and chemical activities and can kill microorganisms. Under the action of the huge electric field, the bacterial cell membrane is seriously broken down and destroyed, and a series of complex physical and chemical reactions are initiated, so that the complex molecular pollutants can be transformed into safe inorganic substances with simple small molecules, and toxic organic harmful substances can be used to turn into non-toxic, harmless or low toxic inorganic substances. The tiny solid dust in the air is adsorbed on the negative metal plate of the plasma generator in the process of ion exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization, disinfection and purification.

With the coming of air disinfection disinfector, health can also be bought. Angel brand air disinfector is a good choice for you.

Post time: Jan-04-2021

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