Spray disinfection details.


Spray disinfection is a very small daily work. We need to master the methods and essentials of spray disinfection and use it correctly. Otherwise, some negative effects will inevitably occur. At the same time, we should consider the design condition, equipment, weather, season and region of the farm, and grasp the specific disinfection methods, so as to achieve good disinfection effect. Several of my friends attached great importance to spray disinfection work, so they did very meticulous work in disinfection work, so there was no big problem in the process of culture. However, most of the friends in the society have ignored this problem, which is mainly caused by mistakes in understanding and laziness in style. Japan and Japan have done much better in disinfection than we did. They used to use 0.2% Peracetic Acid to disinfect chickens every day and wiped out Malik. It’s not difficult to see the effect of disinfecting chickens.

Post time: Jan-04-2021

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