Electrostatic Sprayers: New Disinfecting Product to Fight Against the COVID-19

As we all know, the COVID-19 has ravaged the world for nearly a year. To fight against this virus, our company took 3 months to develop a new multifunctional electrostatic sprayer for disinfecting.

Electrostatic spraying is not a new technology. It has been in the manufacturing field since 1940, and it is recognized as the best method to quickly apply uniform liquid on almost any surface. In 2020, commercial cleaning companies have begun to use electrostatic sprayers as a disinfectant dispensing method. As the flu season affects 100 million people in the world each year, and now with the additional risk posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus, more and more businesses are relying on electrostatic technology to ensure that their workplaces are clean and disinfected, and its staff are protected.

What is electrostatic sprayer?

Electrostatic sprayers are similar to typical liquid sprayers and come in many styles, from hand-held to backpack battery sprayers that can cover tens of thousands of square feet per hour.

Regardless of the design, all electrostatic sprayers work according to the same principle: when the liquid passes through the nozzle, they charge the dispensed liquid. These charged droplets then repel each other and adhere to the surface of the environment, thereby forming a uniform coating that can be effectively applied.

Particles are small magnets. Most surfaces in the workspace are negatively charged because they are naturally grounded. Electrostatic sprayers positively charge vapor particles so they are attracted to negatively charged surfaces in the room. They also repel each other, just as the two north poles of a magnet repel each other. This means that when a positively charged disinfectant is sprayed into the room, it will be evenly distributed against the surface.

What’s the benefits?

From open offices to private rooms, electrostatic sprayers are not only an effective way to clean large spaces, they also have many other benefits.

1.Reduce chemical waste

Traditional cleaning relies on the use of disinfectants, which are then manually spread on the surface to be cleaned. This method can result in over spraying or missing areas, and often causes both to happen at the same time. With an electrostatic sprayer, every surface will get a uniform coating of the cleaning product, which means you only use the amount you really need.

2. Environmentally friendly

Using fewer cleaning products means less environmental impact. The waste associated with electrostatic sprayers is reduced, thereby reducing runoff or by-products entering the local ecosystem. If your company is proud of its green environmental protection certificate, or wants to do more to protect the environment, then it is a good choice to use an electrostatic sprayer for cleaning.

3. Low cost

Electrostatic cleaning can save money for your regular cleaning services in many ways. Not only does it use less cleaning product, it is much faster than traditional cleaning methods. No need to wipe or polish manually.

At present, we provide two kinds of electrostatic sprayers, hand-held and backpack-type. Want to know which one is more suitable for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us ~!

Post time: Dec-09-2020

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