Electrostatic Sprayers for Disinfecting: Some Frequently Asked Questions You Need to Know

With the advent of winter, the COVID-19 has shown signs of a second outbreak around the world, and more and more public or private places require frequent disinfection. Convenience and large-capacity disinfection spray equipment have become popular needs. In order to meet this market demand, our company has launched a new generation of handheld and backpack disinfection electrostatic sprayers. Here are some frequently asked questions you need to know about our new products.

Is it safe?

There is always a certain risk in atomizing any chemical substance. Electrostatic disinfectants may be inhaled by cleaners and are irritating or even harmful depending on their chemical composition. Therefore, it is important to always evaluate the specific cleaning solution you use with the electrostatic sprayer and ensure that the operator always wears the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Is it effective?

By using electrostatic technology to dispense the cleaning solution, it is much more effective than using traditional sprayers, because it can ensure uniform coverage of all surfaces and reduce waste and drift. Tests have shown that the efficiency of this method of liquid distribution can be ten times that of traditional cleaning methods.

Can it be used for COVID-19?

The electrostatic disinfection sprayer is suitable for treating anything that its disinfectant solution can kill, including the new coronavirus COVID-19. When cleaning to disinfect your property or workplace to resist any pathogens, always pay attention to ensuring how long the solution can stay on the surface before it can be effective. Many people make the mistake of wiping off the disinfectant too quickly, because most people need to touch the surface for at least a few minutes. Before using any cleaning solution, check its label to understand its intended purpose and how to get the best results.

Where to use?

Medical – doctor’s office, waiting room, examination area, operating room.

Education – school classrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, gymnasiums, buses.

Catering – kitchens, restaurants, vehicles.

Business – office reception area, cubicle, meeting room, bathroom.

Two types of electrostatic sprayers we can supply

Hand-held, battery powered, 850 ml fuel tank, coverage area is about 200 square meter.

Backpack, battery powered, 6L fuel tank, covering an area of ​​approximately 5000 square meter.

The test reports that compared to traditional cleaning methods, the cleaning time with electrostatic sprayers is reduced by 40%, which means you can save labor costs as well as cleaning solutions and materials. Electrostatic disinfection machine.

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Post time: Dec-09-2020

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