Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer For Environmental Disinfection ML-X001

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  • Model: ML-X001
  • Rated Power: 15W
  • Capacity: 850ML
  • Spraying Distance: 3-4m
  • Flow Rate: 140-290ml/Min
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
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    The handheld positive ion sprayer is widely used in the fields of sanitation and epidemic prevention, disinfection, sterilization, insecticide, formaldehyde removal, dust reduction, humidification, cooling, etc. It has good orientation, long range, good insecticidal effect, saves water and medicine.

    When the electrostatic spray function is enabled, due to the strong adsorption of positive ions, better disinfection and insecticidal effects can be achieved.

    The liquid droplets produced by this product can be evenly distributed in the air and float for a long time, achieving the purpose of effectively disinfecting air and dust.

    This product is powered by a high-performance lithium battery pack, which is safe and portable. It uses a high-quality and high-pressure silent water pump for better use.


    Technical Information


    Model: ML-X001

    Rated Power: 15W          

    Capacity: 850ML

    Spraying Distance: 3-4m

    Flow Rate: 140-290ml/Min

    Operating Voltage: 12V

    Droplet Size: 80-100um


    Working Pressure: 6-12Bar

    Working  Time : ≥90 min

    Size: 456mm*254mm*88mm  

    Weight: 1.3KG

    Area covered by one liquid adding operation: 100-130m²

    Working Time by one liquid adding operation: 5-6 min

    The area covered by a single charge: ≥2000m²

    Operation Manual

    Step 1: Check whether the water tank and nozzle are tightened; Check whether the battery is charged, press the button on the battery, the green light display is consistent with the corresponding battery indicator, if the red flashing indicates that the battery is insufficient , it need to be charged;

    Step 2: Open the lid, add an appropriate amount of potion, and then add water according to the proportion of potion mix, close the lid, and it must be sealed well;

    Step 3: Install the battery and press the power switch to spray. If you need the positive ion adsorption function, you can push the push switch above to turn on the positive ion adsorption function;

    Step 4: If the power switch need to be in continuous working state, please press the normally open lock under the open and closed state, and the whole machine is automatically in continuous working state. If it need to be cancelled, press the normally open lock again;

    Step 5:  Three types of nozzles are installed at the front end, which are small cone shape , big cone shape, and fan shaped. The nozzle holder can be moved clockwise according to your requirements. When you hear a "ding", it will switch to another spray pattern. The spray volume of fan shape is the largest, and then is the big cone shape, the smallest one is the small cone shape.


    1. During spraying operation, please do not change the walking speed randomly, and the nozzle should not swing left and right or up and down randomly, to avoid the amount of attached drugs too much or too little and have bad affect for the disinfection. Pay attention to the changes of wind speed and wind direction when spraying chemical water, so as to change the spray direction according to the wind direction.

    Stop spraying when the wind is strong. When directly spraying high-concentration syrup without adding water, protective measures must be taken. Operators must wear work clothes, masks, goggles, gloves, and hats. Smoking or eating is not allowed during work; washbasins, soap, Towels, wash hands and face immediately after work; wash and change work clothes frequently;

    2.  After the machine is used, the remaining liquid must be poured out and then add the cleaning water to clean for 2-3 minutes.

    3. It is strictly forbidden to directly spray towards people and animals.

    4. It is strictly forbidden to work continuously for more than 1 hour.

    5. It is strictly forbidden to place the sprayer where children can reach.

    6. When the positive ions function are in working condition, the hand should not touch the liquid medicine sprayed by the nozzle at that time.


    Common Faults and Solutions

    1. No fog: firstly check whether the water pump is rotating normally, if not, check whether the power supply has electricity, if there is no electricity, please use the dedicated power socket equipped with this product to charge, and then use another battery equipped with this product. 

    If there is no problem with the power supply, the water pump needs to be replaced; if the water pump is normal, check whether the nozzle is blocked; if it is blocked, remove it for cleaning or replacing; if there is still no fog, remove the water tank and check whether the water inlet network is blocked by debris. If yes, then clear the debris.

     2. The nozzle is leaking: check whether the sealing ring and gasket are installed, if there is still water leakage, use the spare sealing ring and gasket to replace or directly replace the entire nozzle.

    Accessories List

    1. Power adapter with 1 meter DC cable 1PCS

    2.  Charging Seat 1PCS

    3. Battery Case 2PCS

    4. Sealing gasket (silica gel 60 degrees, black, outer Φ21*inner Φ14*thickness 1.0) 2PCS

    5. O-shaped seal ring (NBR 60 degrees, red, outer Φ21*wire diameter 1.5) 2PCS

    6. O-shaped seal ring (NBR 60 degrees, red, outer diameter 15 * wire diameter 2.0)  2PCS

    7. Rotating Spray Head 2PCS

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